A Thought

A Thought

When you close your eyes what do you see
When you feel for someone what do you want
When you touch the very sight of her
Do you feel vulnerable or blessed?

I’m scared to wake up, wake up to see
If you’re with me or with someone else
Yes I was scared to hold you
As I might discover that you’re gone and that’s the only clue

I try to close my eyes to make me believe
That you’re with me holding and that will be a relief
The sorrow within me runs wild
Tears roll down as I cry like a child

If I cry on the couch don’t be afraid
And freak out as its gonna be hard
Hard for me to believe that you’re gone
And that’s the only last song

Wandering about day and night
Memories tries come back as I fight
I lived the very day to smile
As I see a long list of file

Files of memories which I didn’t opt for
Though it strangles me as it’s beneath the heart’s core
People made you deviate your path away from me
As you failed to see that you’re the only key

Nothing is brighter than your smiling face
As I participate in a race at a greater pace
To see you happy that I long for
Thinking to be true as I sit by the shore


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