About Us

Did you ever get goosebumps on seeing great news about your native place in the national or international level? Or go bananas on seeing fake news or misconceptions spread by people about your native land? The concept of starting Shrinkhol lies behind this. We the founder of this e-magazine actually belong to the IT and digital marketing industry and during our work we need to create various things on digital platforms and search for various things on Google as well. Few months back we were working on a project on Assam and northeast India and saw that many websites are there which share wrong information about northeast India. Exceptions do exist and there are few websites for sure that holds Assam and NE India beautifully but that can be counted on the fingers of one hand. As native people from NE India we felt really hurt to see that and decided to create a platform where we can upload true facts about our place and present it to people so that they get to see the real scenario.

Shrinkhol- is a project that is close to heart. It is like a baby that we have nurtured and now working for its bright future! Our team consists of native writers, professional authors and poets who push real hard to bring the actual facts and information to the audience and make your readings joyful with creative content. Shrinkhol- as the name depicts ‘in proper manner’ or ‘proper arrangement’ in Assamese, it is indeed a well planned project with well organised people and lots of emotions related to the same.

Catch a glimpse off-

  • It is a platform basically to deal with NE India related topics. Categories we have here are- Business, Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Health and Food, Creative Corner and Entrepreneurs Story.
  • We have a team of 10 core and guest writers/poets as of now and looking for more to include in the group.
  • Basically we aim to provide people from NE India who are willing to exhibit their talent, creative write-ups, poems, art, craft or anything in a digital medium and want to grow more in this field.
  • We have a corner for the entrepreneurs as well where the entrepreneurs, beginner or well established can come and upload their stories and in turn expand their branding in an authentic online platform.
  • Guest writers are welcomed. If you want to publish your articles or poems in Shrinkhol’s page, you can certainly contact us and publish your write-ups here.

With open arms we welcome you to Shrinkhol- an e-magazine to uplift NE India as a whole, to reveal true facts and to showcase real talent from our native land. Anyone who is passionate enough to work, to write and wants to join us or anyone who wants to help us giving constructive feedbacks will be highly entertained. Shower your blessings so that Shrinkhol comes up with flying colours in the near future..!