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Forever as One

My darkest hour was when you left by my side My deepest fear is when you would leave my dream Dream to become one with ... Read More

A Thought

When you close your eyes what do you see When you feel for someone what do you want When you touch the very sight of ... Read More


What is in the devil's den Well the answer to this question will never end Looking up to the memories as time passes by Yet ... Read More


Friends', may be simple word which never ends I stand at the end of the shore to recall, Every memories I have with you all ... Read More

Life From God Is On Lease

Sometimes I'm scared thinking I will be left alone with a bottle of whiskey and money in the bank, Thinking about the times when people ... Read More


This world is full of energies, Everyone is each others enemies, Tell me what is your destiny? We all filled with so much of jealousy, ... Read More


A small story which need emotions to understand A word which needs a path to make a sentence And a sentence which needs life to ... Read More

Happy Father’s Day

I wonder if you remember me dad It’s a message from your deary son I know, you can never return here Yet to lose you ... Read More


প্ৰতিটো নিশাহ, নিশাহ নহয়, হুমুনিয়াহ। নিদ্ৰাহীন ৰাতিৰ ফুলি উঠা চকু চিগাৰেটৰ কুণ্ডলীত উৰি যোৱা নাই ভাগৰবোৰ। প্ৰেমৰ এচাটি অৱসাদ বতাহ, আৰু একাপ কাঢ়া কফি। পিছদিনা ... Read More

The Cursed Radio

It was a lazy afternoon, The curtains were responding to the breeze languidly. I stood in tranquil near the window. Gazing absent-mindedly to the blue ... Read More