This world is full of energies,
Everyone is each others enemies,
Tell me what is your destiny?
We all filled with so much of jealousy,
We don’t have no more chemistry,
We all lack empathy,
Filled with too much of anxiety,
Apparently we all fucked up entities.
We all need some therapies,
Recipe to a life with no casualties,
Just qualities with some sanities and some intensity.

Well, what are we looking for?
What are we searching for?
What are we going for?
We just hooked up on things that mind sets and our egos can trip, munch down on people who are less than us like chips,
But never understood we are all no less than each other we all lack to understand that this life is God’s Skit.
Fuck this shit!
We lack integrity making our lives full of complexities,
Lives full of negativities trying to leech on others positivities,
Scarcity of thinking capacities,
Only flexibility when working for owns prosperity while looking down on others deficiency.
Fucking hypocrisy.

Perplexed thoughts over a bottle of tequila shots,
Makes your brain cover with fog,
Crowded mind we turn into rocks,
For some guilty pleasure we turn into thots,
No more connections, feels everyone’s a bot.
We so unstable, we carry pillbox,
Life starts to feel a Paradox,
While some take the advantage acting like a fox,
Some don’t know what’s going on,
They just waiting for the day to end and let their lifeless body to rot.

We busy with the fame,
We busy with the game,
Don’t know what happening in others realm,
Wish we could drive by and ask while switching our lanes,
Is it too much to ask for a little change.
Is it too much to ask someone are you in pain?
Seen a lot turning into insane,
Some lives worst than a prison food, bland and plain,
Most of us don’t complain,
We don’t know how to explain,
We just let them go cause for most of us if they aren’t like us they are nothing but a big fat lame.

We all have turned like paranormal but with no activity,
Nobody wanna see each other, everyone’s invisible,
We act like they criminal cause they not like us, we treat them abnormal but we don’t realise we the sheep, they the original,
Maybe a little different but phenomenal,
We act so minimal,
We worse than animals,
If you are one of the sheep than your life starts after decimal,
We the actual criminal, our lives like a cylindrical,
We need to understand in the proportion of a biblical,
Use our lives to the optimal,
We all help the same, we all part of one , Celestial.

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