Friends’, may be simple word which never ends
I stand at the end of the shore to recall,
Every memories I have with you all
Which is never gonna fade even if I fall

Lost in the time when we laughed
Carried with the time when we’re tough
Cherished those memories when we we’re united
Has it all ended in the mist of time

Wasn’t it great to be kid
When you don’t have to feed
To accept the truth that we need to sit
Sit and think that are we all the same?

Can we re-live, a question that has no answer
Are we too busy to do all the mischief that we did?
Still remember the day we met
And together we lived as we sat.

Long lost are those friends
Long lost are those memories
But where are we now?
In the busy road of life to approach a friend, we don’t know how?

Have we ever cherished what we did?
Met each other, fought, cried, and yes fallen for too
Does this brings smile to you face
If it does call a long lost friend and say Hi!

Step out of the door
Come out from your electronic world and dance on the floor
You are sad
There goes your dial pad

Then why is that always comes ego
When you can call your friend up and drive in a figo
Yes you guys are special
And loving you all is not a ritual

Today I sit alone just to thank god that I Have you all.

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