Forever as One

Forever as One

My darkest hour was when you left by my side
My deepest fear is when you would leave my dream
Dream to become one with the soul
Soul that wanders for your love

All I hear the echo of emptiness
Makes me wander and ask if i need to harness
Your voice, the smile and those gestures
Is all I have as a memory of those features

Pain that travels with me
As I try and fail to see
You not being there with me
Yet I smile as I won’t let your memories to flee

I re-live our past everyday
To make it easy to live my life long every single way
The echoes of our past makes me happy
And I know my writings are very sloppy

I made mistakes and I’m paying the price
And the evening tears rolls on as time flies
The cricket sounds, the bees hum doesn’t matter
As I’m lost in the world where everything is shattered

Singing songs of my days of past
As I’m the sole character that i can cast
Your presence makes me live my love
As I shows one’s the lovely pair of dove

“No matter how far we stay,
We’ll be Forever as One as there is always a way”.

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