Author: Harshita Deka

An ambivert breathing poetries under the uninvited rain.I love spilling stories then come tea and cracking lamest jokes.

Sualkuchi- The Textile City of Assam

Sualkuchi is a beautiful village located on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra. It is a place remarkable for its handloom industries and is ... Read More

The Cursed Radio

It was a lazy afternoon, The curtains were responding to the breeze languidly. I stood in tranquil near the window. Gazing absent-mindedly to the blue ... Read More

Evergreen Assamese Movies of All Time

Assam is quoted as the land full of diversities ranging from Sadiya to Dhuburi. The imaginative vibe to create something out of this diversities dates ... Read More


Somewhere, In the isolated corner Of my mind There lies a poem. People say POEMS are exaggerated forms of happiness Packed in a jar of ... Read More