Author: Neha Kaushik

An introvert mojo chasing my passion of writing. Basically a hippie mind with a basketful of stories to tell


Maybe tonight I can tear up my diary and Start a new one, All over. Maybe tonight I can just open Up my window and ... Read More

Who Killed Whom?

So you see a murder happened at dusk by the old town road And the witnesses were three. I, My shadow and My soul. Let's ... Read More

I know but who else will

But what if I tell you The Uncle in that white dhoti Was extra nice to me Jelly Poppings, Lollies, Cadbury. Everythign in his pocket. ... Read More

What bad girl Want?

I want curls in my hair Dyed in shades of green and red. Night clubs, bar tenders. Scotch Wiskey and Vodka at last. I want ... Read More