Black Fungus and Its Impact to the Society

Black Fungus and Its Impact to the Society

What is Mucormycosis?
Black Fungus also Known as Mucormycosis which is impacting society at a period of time.It is an aggressive fungal infections caused by a group of moulds known as the mucormycetes usually found in the environment such as the soil, air, even in the nose and mucus of human.
How Covid 19 is related with Black Fungus?

Black Fungus

Is Mucormycosis contagious and how it spread.
It is not contagious, as it does not spread from human to human or from animals to human. But it does spread from fungal spore present in the environment. Bacteria and fungi as we know that every human being has it physiologically, but because of the support of our immune systems it does not hamper us .

Black Fungus
How serious are the cases of Black fungus infection all over India and the world

  • According to the report given by the CNBCTV.18. com India account 71 percent of the total cases worldwide, where cases according to the government of India as on 21st May around 8,848 were reported around the country . Pakistan and Russia are also seeing cases of Black fungal infection.
  • Given the data by the Health Minister of Delhi on May 20/2021, the rate of black fungal infection in Delhi are about 19. As on 22nd May 2021. Bihar Government has declared Black Fungus as epidemic cases, it has reported around 117 Black Fungus cases till 21st May 2021. Gujarat is the state where the Black fungus cases has around 2281 according to the report given by the DNA news report.
  • In Northeast-On May 20th according to the report given by the News Mill a 27 year old man died of a black fungus in a private hospital in Guwahati. Given the data by the Indian Express a 87 year old woman of Tripura contracted black fungus , first case in the state of Tripura.

Who are vulnerable to get the fungal infection?
It is affecting mainly  those patients who have low immune systems in case if their immune system is low because they are suffering from cancer or having suffering from diabetes.

What are the signs and symptoms of Black fungus infection?
The sign and symptoms of the black fungal infection are :-

  • Blackening or discolouration of the nose.
  • Blurred or double vision.
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Coughing blood

What should we do if we are prone to get the Black fungus infection?

  • The main aim is to monitor the blood sugar level if it’s a diabetic patient.
  • Lowering the use of steroids.
  • Use a clean and sterile humidifier during oxygen therapy
  • Antifungus /antibiotic treatment is needed, that is to consult with the physician.

What are the things that we should prevent ourselves from getting this Black fungus infection?

  • We should not take it lightly , a person suffering from sinusitis or blocked nose
  • Serious investigation is needed to be sought.
  • Consult the physician as early as possible.

Can Black fungal Infection be treated at home?
The answer is No. Black fungal infection cannot be treated at home as it requires a proper intervention by a team of medical experts.

What are the treatment available for treating Black Fungal Infection?

  • For treating Black Fungal infection it requires a team of specializing doctors (ENT doctors, Microbiologists, Internal medicine specialists, Neurologists, ophthalmologists, Dentist , Surgeons and a team of nurses and other health workers.
  • The treatment involved the removal of dead tissues.
  • Amphotericin B Liposomal is being used for the treatment of black fungal infection.
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