Kick out stress with the best stress management techniques

Kick out stress with the best stress management techniques

Is it anxiety or excitement? Are you over loaded with work or personnel issues or it is just your heavy heart? Is it really the time that you should work on the stress management techniques in your daily life or you have just made an adjustment with it? Well, it is good if you are thinking of this and wanting to take care of your mental health, because generally people don’t bother and want to invest time on that. But this is actually a crucial matter.

Hey stress, go away!

Before we jump into the stress management techniques or tips, it is necessary to know what is stress and the causes for stress that thoroughly effects our body’s mental health and physical health. Stress is basically a reaction of our body that can lead to disturbance in our body’s internal equilibrium. In medical sense, it releases a complex mix of hormones and chemicals so as to prepare the body for physical action. In other words, stress begins when we sense failure in something, when our desires are not fulfilled or when we foresee a potential danger. Stress can be dangerous if you are not bothered to know about how to relieve stress and anxiety and ignore your mental health like anything.

Stress can broadly be categorised into four parts, namely:

  1. Physical stress: Intense physical labour, trauma, illness, dehydration, hormonal imbalances, substance abuse, dietary stress etc falls in this category.
  2. Psychological stress: Mental trauma, emotional stress, self criticism, feeling everything unreal, low or no self confidence, jealousy, anxiety etc are some psychological stresses.
  3. Psychosocial stress: Disturbed relationships, unemployment, lack of social support, isolation etc creates psychosocial stress.
  4. Psycho-spiritual stress: Issues in life goals, purposeless life, spiritual alignments etc creates psycho-spiritual stress.

Causes of stress:

Stress is a part of day to day life. If analysed in a positive way, stress is not that bad. It can push you to involve in your work or life with much depth. It can excite you to get that best employee award in your office or to propose your crush!! But if the degree of stress is more or it stays for longer period it can badly affect your physical and mental health. Causes of stress can be many. Mainly it is of two types- work stress and life stresses. However the bigger issues of the world like environmental changes, economic dropdowns, pandemic and toxic news all the time can also be the causes of stress. It is important to know the reasons of stress in order to know how to relieve stress and anxiety. But the more important thing is your perspective and attitude in order to deal with the causes of stress.

Where does the stress come from? Here’s a list that you may relate:

– Unsatisfied job profile

– Extreme work load

– Uncertainty in career

– Issues in relationships

– Death of loved ones

-Chronic illness

– Moving to a new place

– Harassment at work

– Pressure from family members etc.

how to relieve stress and anxiety

What are the symptoms of stress?

What is more dangerous than being stretched out is that the symptoms of stress are not easily detectable. You will think its a normal headache or sleeplessness, but it is actually the sign of stress. So in order to deal with stress, first you need to know about what are the symptoms of stress. Once you know about what are the signs of stress, you will be able to identify if you are really stressed and accordingly take precautions before it gets too late.

Stress symptoms can be physical and behavioural. Following points can be answers to your query on what are the symptoms of stress:

–  Disturbances in sleep

– Muscles aches

– Headache

– Improper digestion

– Diarrhea, constipation and nausea

– Cold or sweaty hands and feet

– Ringing in the ear

– Feeling lump in throat

– Dry mouth

– Fatigue

– Changes in sexual pleasure

– Chronic pain

– Acne

– Anxiety

– Nervousness

– Depression

– Feeling blank

– Overeating

– Under eye dark circles

– Hair loss

– Extreme mood changes

– Finding negativity in everything etc.

How to manage stress

As the causes of stress are different for different people, the stress symptoms may also be different for different individuals and accordingly the stress management techniques. One may be stressed out because of his/her personal life while other may be worried about his/her career or job life. The treatment for both the cases may be different. But once you know how to relieve stress and anxiety or how to manage stress in a proper way, you can get control over your mental health and that can bring your mind eternal peace.

Here are some of the best stress management techniques:

– Always keep a positive attitude.

– Do exercise and stay fit. A fit body can easily act on stress management. Ask your fitness trainer to teach you the exercises for stress release.

– Meditation or yoga is one of the most effective and best stress management techniques. There are specific yoga postures or exercises for stress release. Learn those properly and practise regularly.

– Time management is also important in order to manage stress.

– Eat healthy and timely.

– Have good sleep.

– Make time for hobbies- paint, dance, cook, read, travel whatever, just make your heart sing! (Are you still thinking how to manage stress!!)

– Talk with people that bring a smile to you.

– Avoid people who think negative or give unrealistic advices.

– Listen to motivational speeches, songs and poems. Read inspirational books.

– Meet a baby and play with him/her.

– Don’t seek for temporary solutions with alcohol, drugs or any addictive products. Such unhealthy habit can never be accepted as stress management technique.

– Don’t panic and try to accept the fact that there are situations that you cannot control.

– Pray to God every day. Thank him that he has allowed you to stay alive and fulfilled your life with opportunities.

– Love yourself.

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