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Northeast India Cuisine and Some Must Try Dishes

Bhoot jolokiya, kazi nemu, bambooshoot, pork, rice beer, river fishes, snails, silk worms and what not! The Northeast India cuisine is one of the most ... Read More

Black Magic In Mayong, Assam Is A Myth Or Reality

The stories of witches and magic, people turning into animals, animals turning into stones, things appearing from fog, man with super power telling the future- ... Read More

Kamakhya- Celebrating Women’s ‘Shakti’

Indian mythology is one of the oldest mythologies, whose traces are so prompt even now. Whether it’s the famous mahals of ancient kings, bridges, roads, ... Read More

Top YouTubers of Assam- Fun, Food, Knowledge and More

Today, let’s take you to a world full of entertainment, full of knowledge, full of information, full of food, fun, facts and a world that ... Read More

Assam Mythology and Interesting Folktales From NE India

The wide verandah, whitewashed with the dimmed moonlight, a winter vacation evening sitting beside grandma and floating with the beautiful folktales…that was a moment to ... Read More

Best Marketing Strategies For Small Scale Business

Small business marketing strategies should actually be done more tactfully and with more creativity compared to big brands. Famous brands are in their own place ... Read More

Jatinga, Assam- The Mysterious Death of Birds

Ever imagined Hollywood horror movie scenes getting real! Yes that is true, the death valley of Jatinga, Assam is no less than a horror movie. ... Read More

Tribes of Assam- The Colors of Unity!

Assam- the holy land beside the mighty river Brahmaputra, a green washed state with the touch of pure natural beauty, a corridor to the northeast ... Read More

Assam Food is Awesome Food!

Food in Assam is one of the simplest, healthiest and tastiest cuisines in India and in the world. Like the other parts of Asia, Assam’s ... Read More


প্ৰতিটো নিশাহ, নিশাহ নহয়, হুমুনিয়াহ। নিদ্ৰাহীন ৰাতিৰ ফুলি উঠা চকু চিগাৰেটৰ কুণ্ডলীত উৰি যোৱা নাই ভাগৰবোৰ। প্ৰেমৰ এচাটি অৱসাদ বতাহ, আৰু একাপ কাঢ়া কফি। পিছদিনা ... Read More