Balancing Between The Busy MNC Schedule And Passion Know How ‘Paint it Yellow’ Is Coloring It Right!

Balancing Between The Busy MNC Schedule And Passion Know How ‘Paint it Yellow’ Is Coloring It Right!

‘Paint it Yellow’ is a start up in the art and craft industry. Founded by a young girl from Assam, India who certainly loves to paint and probably having yellow as her favourite colour! Sweta is an engineer by profession and works in an MNC in Bangalore. But as it is said if you are really passionate about something you can take out time to practise your passion even between very busy schedule and that’s what the story of ‘Paint it Yellow’ depicts. Last week, Shrinkhol was privileged to have a conversation with this extremely talented young lady and cover a story. This is what Sweta has to say about her journey so far-

1. When and how ‘Paint it yellow’ started? Any specific initial thought?

bottle painting

A beautiful bottle painting by Sweta

I have always loved painting and crafting. I hear my mom often saying that when I was a kid, I was always interested in colouring books and making paper crafts rather than playing with dolls and toys. As time passed, I kept this hobby going and growing and one fine day when I was in Alleppey with my friend enjoying vacation, I showed her a picture of my latest painting. She literally gave a long speech on why I should have a page show to the world what I do. Although multiple people had been asking me to start a page, I always had a doubt in my mind. But that day her speech triggered something inside me and that’s how paint_it_yellow started. A push from a friend on a random evening in Alleppy.

2. What ‘Paint it yellow’ basically focuses on- paintings, crafts or any specific art form?

I love art. It is a therapy for me. It can be in any format – painting, crafting, diy – anything. This page also reflects the same. You will find paintings, you will find upcycling videos and on a random day you will find a video of me painting my kitchen cabinets!

3. Is it just a hobby turning into side income now? Or you want to make it a real profession for yourself someday?

Side income- not yet, but am I interested in making it into a real profession for myself? yes! I have some plans in mind, lets see what future brings for me.

4. As you are working in an MNC too, is it a challenge to manage time for both your job and passion?

canvas painting

A colorful canvas painting

Yes sometimes. On busy days, I do not get to pick up the brush sometimes for a week. But I try my best to balance it out. I try painting before and after office hours. Sometimes even in the middle while taking a break. But somehow, I have always found out time for painting and crafting – it is not a ‘responsibility’ for me rather an escape from office and daily hustle.

5. Is yellow your favourite colour? Why the name ‘Pint it yellow’?

Yes, yes and yes! This is one colour that brings me so much joy and happiness. So, when I thought of giving this page a name, could not think of any better name than Paint_it_yellow.

6. How do you see the market for artists in India? (As we all know artists get less appreciation or monetary value for their art in most of the cases in India.)

I would say it is challenging but promising. It is true that artists get way less appreciation and have less monetary value compared to others, but with proper marketing you can have a solid earning out of it. Reaching out to art collectors, gallery owners, and even other artists can help you a lot and give you the proper exposure. Social media and online market – both have a key role to play while living out of your artwork. I would say in fact these are the fastest way to reach out to broader audience irrespective of geographical location.

7. Whether offline or online, do you like to or want to market/advertise your art?

Both. As much as I personally love going to art galleries and buying painting, with the fast-moving world, I definitely think online marketing/advertising will play a very crucial role to attract more audiences.

Girl painting in canvas

Such colorful hair can only be done by ‘Paint it Yellow’!

8. Any special thing you want to mention about your venture?

It is a journey for me. A journey to play with colours and a safe place to find my peace. And whether or not I turn it into a profession someday, I would still like to keep it that way!

9. What is your future plan?

To own a small studio or café where I can sell and talk about art to some random strangers over a cup of coffee.

10. Any suggestion for the beginner artists in the industry?

Keep drawing, painting, sketching, crafting. There is no right or wrong art. Just make sure to put your soul into it. And if you are planning to earn out of it, make sure to market yourself well from the very beginning.

We wish ‘Paint it Yellow’ greater success and wish it shines the brightest!

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